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The Authorities at The Machine

Dear valued Citizen K!

Be warned. Your Licence to be Human will expire in less than thirty days. Funny you should bring it up! It has come to our attention that your account has fallen into arrears. No amount of money can help you now. There will be no deal. But try us anyway. Make an offer.

As well, please note thet We take offense at and/or to the notion that We here at The Machine vomit language. There is more than a subtle difference between vomitting and regurgitating. We regurgitate. Much as pigeons do. To feed the young. Open wide K! You are only a hungry ghost of a pigeon in the way of the Machine.

yours truly,

The Authorities at the MachineTM

Fritz Perls

I think I grasp the whole thing, the big weenie of Kombinatorium. A little mustard, a little relish, but hold off on the thought please. Gives me indigestion.


Dear The Authorities at The MachineTM

Thank you for the warning.
We have expired Citizen K!

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