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K! are you unique? I am unique. What makes me unique is that I have no penis. I believe I am unique in this regard because every day I get emails about it. They assume I have a penis and continue to try to sell me a bigger one. I would like to write back, to tell them, I AM UNIQUE I HAVE NO DICK! And yet I don't. Please, K!, tell me how to express my uniquitivity to the world? I need some assistance in this regard, as being truly unique means that you drown within the noise that is the norm.

Although I am glad for worthwhile because it makes me feel unique.

(comment fixed by K!)


The absence of DICK
That's what makes you tick.

Tick Tick You have no Dick!
You are Unique!
You are Unique!

You could just Re-Imagine your DICK
This for sure will make you UNIQUE.
But not unless it was a BIGGER dick



THANK YOU! It all makes sense now.

I would like to start Worthless. Because what we do now has no worth until it is repurposed by K! And so Worthless would be the first step. Take the worthless and regurgitate gold nuggets. K! K! Power to the worthless!

Yule Heibel

Worthless? Count me in!


It's not what's being said that has value. It's who is speaking it that gives value to the sounds of the lips.

You can speak the future into existence and the existence will be miniscule. It shall live while travelling from your lips to your ears and then it will disappear. Your speaking holds no worth for it doesn't last. However there are some people whose speaking lasts. Why? What machinery do they employ that amplifies their speaking?

And therein lies a trap.

It's not what they are saying that has worth but it is what others are listening for that makes their speaking valuable.

Does what I have just said hold any value?
Absolutely not, for the listeners don't exist and even if they were, they wouldn't be hearing my speaking no matter how much listening they would provide.
The fault is mine of course, for I continue to argue that I am worthless.
Can you hear what I am saying?


Not sure I hear what you're saying, but maybe that's because I'm not sure I know who you are. Perhaps if you were Tom Chappell I'd have a better idea of what you were saying. Maybe you wouldn't be worthless if you were Tom Chappell, because then you'd be unique, and you have to be unique to be able to be Saved by the power and the glory of the ideology of romantic individualism, which -- in its capitalism-as-Calvinism way -- promises the material rewards of industry to those Individuals who are deserving, and those Individuals are only deserving because of who they are. Like Tom Chappell. The rest of us poor preterite refuse to give our last names, or hide behind initials, because we know we are damned to anonymity and therefore lack of material success.

When you are Saved, you can say anything, and people will listen and agree. When you are not Saved -- when you are preterite, Left Behind, passed over -- you can still say whatever you like, and your words will simply spin into that outer dark, where there will be naught but lamentation and gnashing of teeth.

If only you were Tom Chappell. You know, of Tom's of Maine Toothpaste. Or Tom Peters, even. You know, of the Tom Peters Seminar.


"ideology of romantic individualism" - thanks for bringing this up. Yes, we are not the way we see ourselves in the mirror. The image in the mirror beamed back to us is mediated by the ideology, mostly the remnants of romantic individualism. Hm...
If only I were a Tom...

Jon Husband

"If I only had a heart...."

- Tom the Tin Man


How about all the anonymous peoples who gave us folk songs, ballads, runes and riddles? That is the life on which Romantic Individualism battens, as does Disney. What is worthwile is the unworthy folk forms reprocessed as the private utterance of genius duly copyrighted. Worthless Tradition and the Worthy Talent.


To be an Emperor one requires slaves.

Jonathon Mays

Holy shit. It is the one without clothes. You have been found. Strike back.

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