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Jon Husband

And what will you call the kombined navigata, once they are all translated ?


We have put a word to corporate world to have the said documents named in a sponsorship bid.
Suggestions are "The Real Thing Navigations by Coca Cola", "Microsoft Scrolls", "Kimberly Clark Permanent Rolls", "MTV Pimp My Navigation", "Fedex Delivers After All", etc...
We are open to all offers that include copious amounts of dollabill$


K,!, you havent been watching the bestseller lists lately; you dont need a corporate backer to make bucks propounding novel reinterpretations of Jesus indeed, thats an easy way to become a brand.

Dean Landsman

According to experts of unique qualification, namely Tom Ridge and John Ashcroft, these seemingly Papyrus samples, on whichone finds the scribblings, are known to be a highly sophisticated form of the explosive C-3 (or maybe C-4), planted in Greece to disrupt the Olympics.

Upon hearing of this, a fellow known as code-name "shrubby" enacted a plan to halt elections in the US until further notice.

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